Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Love Lamp

In the woodshop class that I began last September, the first project was a "candlestick". I put it in quotes, because from the beginning I had other plans for mine. Since I like to read at night when Julie goes to bed, I was going to make mine into a reading lamp. Now, five months after turning it on the lathe, I finally got the wood stained and laquored and began assembly with parts that I purchased at Lowe's. Julie and I were watching "Blood Diamond" as I put all of the pieces together. It took me about 30 minutes because I had trouble feeding the cord through the side hole and up the shaft. When I finally got it all wired up, I plugged it in to the wall. I flipped the knob to turn it on and...poof! All of the lights, the TV, and the DVD player shut down and we found ourselves sitting in the dark. Julie said, from the darkness, "You didn't electricute yourself, right?" I was fine, but the breaker got tripped. I found a flashlight and took care of turning the breaker back on.

It appears that my woodworking skills are better than my electrical skills.