Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Contest

On the blog of author Tim Ferriss there was another contest that I entered. The contest was that the first 30 people to put a 20 second video clip on YouTube in which they gave their answer to the question "What is technology?", and the first 20 people to put a 20 second video clip of their kid or kids answering the same question would win a Mogo Bluetooth Laptop Mouse. While I don't have a laptop, I do like entering contests that involve making something as opposed to a contest where you just give them your personal information to sell to spammers. Plus, I MAY get a laptop...someday. The mouse does look pretty cool. Well, by the time I got around to entering the contest, there were already more than thirty adults who had uploaded their videos, so I opted to exploit my 1 year old to try to win a mouse I can't use and don't need. Click to see the contest.
And now for the winning video:

Update:In the Zenhabits design contest I ended up getting 6th place with a little over 200 votes. That is pretty sweet since probably only 20 or so of those votes were the votes I solicited from my friends. While I didn't win an Amazon gift card, I did at least win an ebook by the author of the blog.