Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Computer

For my birthday I got a fancy new computer. My parents were generous enough to buy my sister and I each one. I have already had a lot of fun setting it up. I am actually writing this on it right now.

I actually went and bought it on Sunday, but there was a problem with where the power cord plugs into it. There is a blue light that comes on when it is getting power from the outlet. Occasionally that light would turn off and I would have to wiggle the cord to get it to come back on. This created some anxiety for a couple of days because I was worried that I broke it, or that I may not be able to exchange it for a new one, or that I may have to send my 2 day old laptop to the manufacturer. Yesterday, I went to Best Buy and they exchanged it without issue. The only bad thing was that I had to start fresh with setting it up. I had already done all the initial setup and installed some software, but it definitely went faster the second time.

Now I am excited to set up a wireless network to get it mobile, and to figure out how to hook it up to the TV using an S-video cord to be able to watch my media on something other than a little monitor.