Monday, July 7, 2008

June Wrap-Up

How did I do on my goals?

  • Run 60 miles FAILED
  • Finish Towel Rack Project FAILED

  • I ran only 52.9 miles so I failed that goal. Maybe my goal was too lofty, or maybe it was that I got lazy and only ran one day between the fourth and the eleventh. Normally this month I would try to achieve what I didn't last month, but I seem to have bruised(or otherwise injured) the side of my left leg and running or even walking hurts. It is swollen and I have been limping for a few days. It has hurt some for a couple weeks, and I did two five mile runs this month already on the first and third, but before I finished that second run, my leg/shin/foot was hurting really bad. It feels like it is getting better, but still is not good. I did ride my bike about 85 miles though last month, as well as go for that 9 mile hike with John and Carlos. So I wasn't just lazy, but still did not reach the set goal.

    I did nothing on the Towel Rack Project this month. I talked about it a lot, but with the heat, and kids, and work, I just didn't make time to complete it. Hopefully I will finish it soon, and post some pictures of it on here.

    I did keep up with my hundred pushups training and am now two weeks in. I don't know if I can do more pushups than I could before, but they definately feel easier.

    This month I opted to not set any real goals. I have quite a todo list that I hope to do some damage on. Some things I have been meaning to do, and other projects that are part way, or barely started. I also want to make sure that I take time to enjoy my month off of work. After all, my summer vacation (even as short as it is this year) is what I work all year long for.