Wednesday, December 24, 2008

10 7 Reasons "How I Met Your Mother" Is My Favorite Sitcom

(in no particular order)

1. It is the only sitcom I watch. Just not that into sitcoms generally.
2. Nothing is just good, it is AWESOME! The characters use the word awesome all the time. It is an underutilized word and just seems to add a degree of excitement to anything it is used to describe.
3. High fives. Lots and lots of high fives and high fives are awesome!
4. Doogie Howser. Out of the closet, no longer on Broadway, and on this show. Click here for the Doogie Howser theme song.
5. Lame puns. So close to my own heart.
6. Barney the womanizer. I love this character. He is so innapropriate it is hilarious.
7. Have you met Ted? A game that Barney plays on the fly in which he embarrassingly and unexpectedly introduces women to his friend Ted by turning to them and saying, "Have you met Ted?"

So I don't have ten. I could only come up with seven, but that is quite a few reasons to watch a sitcom. Better reasons than, "It was on", or, "It is the highest rated sitcom on television and I didn't want to be out of the loop."