Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rip-Cord Wrapping Paper

While I was excited at the idea of my rip-cord wrapping job, in which the present would open like a pack of gum, this version did not open as I had hoped. I had taped the string to the inside of the paper so that it would stay where it should until it was pulled, but the tape did not rip and actually held the two sides of the paper together once it was ripped. Now I know that if I do it again that any tape holding the string down needs to be between the string and the paper. It worked pretty well as my sister pulled the cord and it ripped the paper, it just didn't work out perfectly because the paper halves were still stuck together. We are calling this wrapping job version 0.5 and elected to not go with a 1.0 designation until it works properly. The paper was also actually put together as a net, meaning that it was shaped like a lower-case t and folded up around the present with only little tabs of paper as overlap when it was taped up. I also "decorated" it myself with "this side up" and arrows that pointed in all directions.

Good idea...executed unsuccessfully.