Sunday, August 14, 2011

Graffiti Inspired Writing

I really like art and drawing, and with my Netflix subscription over the past few months(it's a shame I am gonna cancel it this month when the price goes up by like 60%!), I have watched several documentaries on street art and graffiti. This has inspired me to try my hand at some graffiti style writing. I drew a couple others too, but these two turned out the best. I started my viewing with the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. It was by far the most interesting of the documentaries I watched. It was more focused on street art, and stencils. The others I watched were Infamy and Bomb It, which were more of different takes on the history of graffiti.

I like how this one the M goes through the hole in the P.

I may try doing some sort of street art inspired stencil next. Maybe something like the amazing work of Banksy.