Thursday, October 13, 2011

Space Dragons

One of the podcasts that I listen to regularly is Fourcast. It is a show where there are two hosts and two guests each week and the guests take turns making predictions about the future and the four of them discuss each prediction. Each episode starts with a prediction e-mailed in by a listener, and this week they read my e-mail. It was such an amusing prediction that they named the episode "Space Dragons" in my honor and made constant throw-back jokes to the subject of me e-mail. Frankly, I don't care if they are laughing at me or with me, it still amused me.

They start reading my e-mail at about 2:05, had a throw-back just after 28:00, another just after 39:15, and another after 50:40.

The text of my e-mail:

On the last episode of fourcast one of the guests suggested that we would likely have conversations with aliens sometime in the next couple hundred years. I think that a lot of people believe that if aliens come to Earth, that they will be advanced beings that have built technology that makes them capable of traveling vast distances in space. This is a rather human-centric view. I believe that the first aliens we encounter will actually be very technologically primitive and that they will just be creatures that are capable of surviving in space, in which their respiration is not dependent on oxygen, and that they will be gigantic space dragons!