Sunday, April 27, 2008

Possibly A Little Excessive

This is my closet

I use black hangers for my longsleeved tees and black tees.
I use white hangers for my other colors of tees.
I use blue hangers for my button-up shirts.
My tee shirts are all in alphabetical order by color.
Black, blue, brown, green, grey, red, then white.
My button-up shirts are in order to create a wear pattern.
The pattern goes brown, brown, white, brown, brown, black...etc.
I have 12 button-ups.
8 brown, 2 black, and 2 white.
For work I take the rightmost shirt and wear it.
After washing, the shirt is rehung on the left.
Since Fridays are spirit days and I wear a tee shirt, my rotation of button-up shirts will last me for 3 weeks if there are no holidays.

This may seem excessive, but not having to figure out what to wear in the morning makes for a relaxing morning. Just grab and go.

As for shoes, I have a brown pair and a grey pair. I wear the brown with brown, and the grey with black or white.